Mojis are sometimes cute, sometimes weird, but always entertaining collection of playable 3D avatars. Mojis come alive in Sonar where they can make friends through voice and text, emote, and create worlds with emojis.

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Looks rare

Mojis are made up of a body, a mouth, eyes, and accessories. Each Moji is given a gem that represents the rarity of its combined parts.







Jump right in.

No need to wait. You can jump into Sonar right now and create worlds using emojis, make friends through voice and text, emote, go to a bar, amass a fortune, form a cult, and fall in love—the possibilities are truly endless.

Sonar Beta

World-class social game where you can build spaces and meet others.


3D emoji NFTs that come alive in Sonar.

Moji items

Equipable items for your Moji.

Moji town

A massive server in Sonar just for Moji where you can buy and sell land.

Moji pets

Submissive and breedable pets for your Moji.

The Moji Journey

Sonar and Moji are just the start of our journey—we’re fully committed to working with the community to shape and realize our collective vision over the next decade.

The Team

Our team is an unholy merger of shitposters, gamers, and apes with over 50 years of combined experience and 7-figures of combined losses in social and crypto.

We love the Mojis.

@bnj, @sototrash, @vadoff, @martunalong, @2irl4u, @bsjcho, and @bhbryant

Sonar team

Grab a Moji and come through.